Guide Lines to Login into ESS Abimm

Event Booking

ABIMM system has another useful feature which is event booking module. It helps the manager to book all engagements, customers, promoters, events, rentals, and space. Based on a table of current and future rental rates, it has an ability to define an unlimited number of locations. 

It has stores all of the information including contact information of customers', and customizable contact templates which are related to the events, engagements, etc. A status of hold or tentative or booked will help to generated calendars for single room, double rooms, multiple rooms, or entire venue or any combination that you desire to stay. These kind of features are very critical when you're concerning 
about teams, leagues or tenants to manage the even schedule successfully.


In this way, you can manage your organization with the use of ABIMM system and it eliminates the stress in different things including employees' data, payroll information, event schedules, etc.